First Blog Post- Battle of the Universities.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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The Band Musical

(There will be spoilers in case you're going and don't want to ruin it, don't continue reading). Hey, Well, it's been a long time since my last post because I simply didn't know what to write. I apologise, however I was inspired to write again on Thursday night. I just had to put down my thoughts on... Continue Reading →

Another Place – Travel Writing

This is something I wrote on the train travelling from Barcelona to Girona. Holiday observations. 'As I sit side by side with someone I've never met, and do not share the same language with, I realise that this is what makes the world a wonderful place to live. We share different lives, but I imagine there would be... Continue Reading →

Until next time.

So, admittedly I haven't posted in a while. I've been extremely busy with Uni work and working. I've been enjoying my last few weeks, exploring places I haven't been, in and around Loughborough University. I've been packing to come home. (My room looks pretty empty which makes it feel less homely, now). I'm extremely saddened by the... Continue Reading →

Glass Engraving.

Back to one of my favourite engraving! There is something about creating a handmade gift that makes me feel fulfilled and like I have accomplished something. I may not be the best (considering I only got the equipment April last year and haven't done any since September) but I give it my best shot... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing Trip (Bradgate Park)

From the beginning to the end, this trip was stimulating for my creative mind. I wanted to dart off and explore! Nevertheless, I stayed with my MA class and followed what our lecturer wanted us to do. Until, the magical words were spoken, 'Okay, go and explore.' So, off I went; I headed to the rocks, and to... Continue Reading →

Own your creativity!

Since my last blog post, I have been thinking, "What on earth can I write about next time?" I have been completely stumped for a few days and then it hit me, and I'm glad it did. As a student, deadlines are pretty close at the moment and everything is very stressful. Seeing how all... Continue Reading →

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